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Remote Control 3.0

Remote Control 3.0 gives you discreet, wireless control of your Oticon Opn and Siya hearing aids. The Remote Control 3.0 enables users to change the program or adjust the volume in Oticon Opn and Siya wireless hearing instruments (not compatible with any other Oticon models of hearing instrument).

The wireless Remote Control is simple to operate, fits snugly in the palm and has just three buttons. Users can adjust the volume and cycle through the different programs with ease. This gives you more control of the sound you hear – no more fuss or fiddling with hearing instruments.


Connect Clip

ConnectClip makes Oticon hearing aids into a leading Bluetooth headset-enabled hearing aid with these leading features (in addition to the revolutionary open sound experience):

  • Streaming to both ears in stereo – not just one ear as with classic Bluetooth.
  • Leading 7.5 kHz audio streaming frequency range gives high-quality sound that’s easier to understand.
  • Lower power consumption of Bluetooth Low Energy allows small battery size for very discreet Bluetooth hearing aids.
  • True hands-free solution with a microphone optimized for the purpose, using OpenSound Navigator™ for quality sound reception.
  • No compromise on hearing aid audiology – ConnectClip has its own advanced Velox™ chip
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TV/Phone Bundle

This great value bundle includes both a TV adaptor 2.0 & Phone adaptor 2.0 for use with your Streamer (purchased separately).

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Phone Adapter 2.0

The ConnectLine Phone adapter works with an existing landline home analogue phone, in effect turning hearing aids into a wireless headset. To answer the phone, just press a button on the Streamer. Requires a Streamer Pro to function correctly.

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TV Adapter 2.0

The ConnectLine TV adapter enables to hear TV programmes clearly through your hearing aids – while leaving the TV volume at a level the whole family can enjoy. Requires a Streamer Pro to function correctly.

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