Custom ear plugs

We supply a wide range of styles for multiple applications. All are custom fitted and there is a £40 charge for two-ear impression taking.


Shooters' ear plugs

We supply a whole range of CENS shooters' ear plugs including the CENS ProFlex Digital 1 - Gunshot and rifle hearing protection with the electronic module combined with unique multi-softness custom fit earpieces. Combining superb functionality with an eye catching appearance, obstruction free, comfortable custom hearing protection for today’s shooter (NB not suitable for very small ears).

Charges: From £479 for two earplugs.

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Musicians' ear plugs

Individually made for your ears. They boast a flat acoustic filter so the music sounds the same while your ears stay safe. Filters are available in 9, 15 or 25dB attenuation levels so whether it’s jazz, rock, heavy metal or more you don’t lose the music.

Charges: £195 for two earplugs.

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Regular swimmers, particularly those who swim in fresh or sea water, are at risk of growing bony lumps known as exostosis in their ear canals which can cause difficulty with wax, ear infection and hearing aid use in later life. Additionally ‘Swimmer’s Ear’ is a chronic infection caused by regular exposure to untreated water. These custom made floatable earplugs can make sure you can enjoy your swim all year round.

Charges: £75 for two earplugs.

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These custom made, very comfortable plugs are designed to be worn all night and help you to achieve a full night’s sleep whatever the distraction.

Charges: £75 for two earplugs.

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These innovative custom made ear defenders are smarter than they seem. Using a clever acoustic filter they block out only noise louder than normal speech. Whether you are on a loud factory floor needing to speak to colleagues or riding your motorbike while listening for other road users these are for you. Great for watching F1 as well!

Charges: £115 for two earplugs. 

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