ReSound Quattro 7

The ReSound Quattro 7 is our incredible value offer – an advanced, rechargeable hearing aid providing clearer, fuller and richer sound in the Receiver-in-Ear model. 

Enjoy a world of brilliant sound for just £1,999.

With an incredible performance at an unbelievable price, this discreet, modern hearing aid package includes:

  • Includes a ReSound Micro Mic worth £220
  • Two years personal hearing* support
  • Two years aftercare including all consumables
  • Two years manufacturer’s warranty
  • 0% Finance available.

Introducing ReSound Quattro 7

See what to expect from this high performance advanced hearing aid.

Enjoy a world
of brilliant sounds

  • Hear the world better in everyday life
  • Great for sound quality, streaming and personalising
  • Choose the styles and colour to suit your lifestyle
  • Live assistance from your home
Resound One

ReSound Quattro 7 compared

Clearer, fuller and richer – hear the difference the ReSound Quattro makes in this sound demonstration.

Connect to what connects you

The unmatched connectivity of ReSound Quattro 7 connects you to iPhone, iPad and Android™ phones – great for phone calls, streaming music and watching videos on your favourite device.


Technology level 7 features

Quattro 7
Warp compression
Replicates the way the natural ear divides sound.
Binaural Directionality
Sets the microphone based on speech and noise around you.
Synchronised Soft Switching
Comfortably adjust the directional microphone.
Environmental Optimizer I
Adjusts volume for 7 different listening environments.
Noise Tracker II
Reduces background sound without affecting speech audibility.
Reduces low level noise in very quiet environments.
Impulse Noise Reduction
Quickly reduces amplification for sudden, brief loud noises.
Wind Guard
Reduces wind noise impact on sound experience.

0% Finance available

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