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One-third or more of older adults have some degree of age-related hearing loss. It happens so gradually that many do not notice until it becomes a problem. Family and friends have to repeat themselves often and loudly in order to communicate, which is a source of frustration to everyone. Many clients remember thinking that everyone ‘mumbles’ or ‘doesn’t speak clearly’. More often than not, hearing loss is a source of the problem…not the speaker.

Hearing aids work by making sounds louder and clearer. They will not restore your hearing to normal, or cure your hearing loss, but they can make life much easier. They pick up sound and make it louder with an amplifier. They are fitted with devices, which can distinguish between foreground noise, such as conversation, and background noise, such as traffic.

Aids also differ in shape, size and price. The smallest aids are discreet and can fit entirely inside the ear. The larger aids tend to have more features, more power and are easier to handle. Your Novus Hearing audiologist will advise which model bests suit you and your needs. 

We ask you to trial your hearing aid for a few weeks to make sure it’s comfortable and helpful. We make sure you can confidently put it on, take it off, change the volume level and change the batteries.

When you use a hearing aid for the first time, everyday sounds may seem quite loud. It could take you a couple of months to get used to hearing sounds with your hearing aid. If at any stage the sound is uncomfortable and you can’t wear the hearing aids, it is best to return to Novus Hearing for advice.

We sell four models, the premium ReSound OMNIA and CUSTOM OMNIA and the advanced ReSound ONE and Quattro 7. We believe these models, and their choice of styles and colours, offer something for everyone. We’re expert ReSound fitters too, having helped over 35,000 people in Wakefield and Kirklees with their ReSound hearing aids.

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Our ReSound hearing aids


Made for hearing in noise
Now you can hear all the details you couldn’t before in noisy situations. Automatically tune in to what’s happening around you, at any angle. Join the conversation naturally.

ReSound OMNIA Custom

Stylish and powerful
Our most advanced hearing technology comes carefully crafted in a rechargeable earbud design, custom made by you and ReSound, combining our experience in true wireless earbuds.

ReSound ONE

ReSound ONE

Hear like no other
Rediscovering the authentic sounds you love feels like second nature. Our premium hearing solution celebrate that everyone’s ears and hearing are unique.

ReSound KEY

Everyone deserves great hearing
Affordable without compromise, our best value digital hearing aid will let you enjoy clear, natural sound quality and the confidence to join in conversations effortlessly.

Online hearing test

Want to quickly check your hearing? Our online hearing test provides a quick way to find out how well you’re hearing. The test takes only 3 minutes, and you can test your ability to distinguish certain words and numbers in a noisy environment. 

Lady with hearing difficulties

Book a Hearing Test

Are you concerned about your hearing loss? Book a hearing assessment with an audiologist to examine your hearing health, including a full diagnostic test. Your appointment will last 30 minutes with a hearing specialist who will answer your questions and explain your test results.

Hearing Test Explained