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Book your Wax Treatment

Our audiologists provide wax removal treatment at our Wakefield, Pontefract and Normanton hubs. Appointments are 30 minutes long and cost £50 (June 2023 offer).

Book your free Hearing Test

Are you concerned about your hearing loss? Book a hearing assessment with an audiologist to examine your hearing health, including a full diagnostic test. Your appointment will last 30 minutes with a hearing specialist who will answer your questions and explain your test results.

Hearing Test

Hearing Aid Consultation

Discuss your hearing loss with an expert who will complete a full assessment to understand what hearing problems you are experiencing and the impacts these have on your lifestyle. You will have a hearing test and an ear health check during this 75-minute appointment. Your audiologist will explain your results and advise you on a personal hearing solution to help you hear better. During this appointment you can try a Resound Hearing Aid and together we’ll tailor a personal hearing solution for you.

Older couple consultation

Speak to an Audiologist

Would you like to discuss your hearing loss with a specialist before making an appointment? Maybe you have a question about our hearing aids or wish to speak to us on behalf of a family member. Please book a 10-minute telephone appointment with an audiologist, and we’ll be sure to ring you back to offer our help and advice.

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