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Free two week hearing aid trials can be arranged on the same day for most patients.

Please see below for specific product or service fees.

Hearing aids*

Custom ear plugs**

Hearing therapy

Wax microsuction




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Shooters' ear plugs
From £479 a pair

Musicians' ear plugs
£195 a pair

£75 a pair

£75 a pair

Noise barrier ear plugs
£115 a pair

Tinnitus (ringing in the ears)
Initial assessment £200
Follow up £75

Sound sensitivity (hyperacusis)
Initial assessment £200
Follow up £75

Dizziness (vertigo)
Initial assessment £200
Follow up £75

Ear wax removal
One or two ears


A £30 attendance fee will apply where no wax is found.

* For two hearing aids
** All ear plugs are custom fitted and there is an additional £40 charge for two-ear impression taking