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Novus Hearing is dedicated to providing personal hearing care, taking the time to understand each individual’s hearing needs, lifestyle and preferences. 

We not only find the right hearing aid for you, but we include a choice of a free accessory to suit your lifestyle and provide one to one personalised consultation to help you get the most out of your hearing. That’s the Novus Hearing difference. Providing a service that helps you hear better and live better. 

Based in Wakefield and serving West Yorkshire, our expert audiologists use advanced testing and the latest design and technology to get you the best results for your hearing.

We are a ReSound Key Partner, an award-winning global manufacturer, and are recognised as leaders in fitting and tuning ReSound digital hearing aids for every hearing need.


Yorkshire’s largest ReSound digital hearing aids provider

Improved the lives

Improving the quality of life of over 35,000 people with hearing loss


Supplying quality and value at Key Partner rates

We also offer NHS Funded Hearing Aids through Novus health.

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Our ReSound hearing aids


Made for hearing in noise
Now you can hear all the details you couldn’t before in noisy situations. Automatically tune in to what’s happening around you, at any angle. Join the conversation naturally.

ReSound OMNIA Custom

Stylish and powerful
Our most advanced hearing technology comes carefully crafted in a rechargeable earbud design, custom made by you and ReSound, combining our experience in true wireless earbuds.

ReSound ONE

ReSound ONE

Hear like no other
Rediscovering the authentic sounds you love feels like second nature. Our premium hearing solution celebrate that everyone’s ears and hearing are unique.

ReSound KEY

Everyone deserves great hearing
Affordable without compromise, our best value digital hearing aid will let you enjoy clear, natural sound quality and the confidence to join in conversations effortlessly.

Ear wax removal

Our fully-trained and qualified staff provide a number of safe and effective treatments to help free your ear canals of obstructive wax. Our Wakefield and Normanton clinics are designed to be as relaxing as possible and appointments are for 30 minutes duration.

Ear wax removal

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We sell ReSound wireless accessories to greater enhance your hearing experience. Streaming sound directly into your hearing aids from the phone, the TV or in conversation, they deliver the clearest, most effortless hearing experience possible. Fully compatible with our ReSound digital hearing aid ranges, including One, Quattro and Ambio (NHS patients only).

What is hearing loss?

Hearing loss means you have lost the ability to hear certain sounds. Maybe you can no longer hear high-pitched tones, like the voices of women or children. Or maybe you can’t pick out a single voice if there is a lot of conversation in the background. Sometimes hearing loss is temporary, like a ringing in your ears after a noisy concert. Most often, it is permanent because the mechanisms that help you hear have been damaged.



On average hearing aids have an estimated lifespan of five years. Depending on the style some may last longer. Behind the ear hearing aids tend to last a little longer than in the ear models. Most hearing aids come with a standard 2 year warranty so it may be worth taking the opportunity to extend this to 5 years at the time of purchase.
Testing may include: 1. A pressure test to check the flexibility of your eardrum (and its ability to transmit sound) 2. A tone test to measure how softly you can hear tones of different pitches (which will be charted on an audiogram) 3. A speech in noise test to assess your level of difficulty in background Usually, our audiologists will conduct three main assessments: otoscopy, audiometry, and speech in noise testing. The audiologist will examine your ear canal with an instrument called an otoscope to look for obstructions such as earwax build up. The whole process should take about 30 minutes and is painless.
A standard hearing aid battery lasts anywhere from 3 to 22 days, depending on the hearing aid type, battery type and capacity, and the amount of hearing aid use. Smaller Invisible in the ear (IIC) hearing aids tend to use size 10 batteries which will usually only last 3-4 days each.
They can range from just short of £1,000 on up to more than £2,000 for each device depending on the level of technology.